Who are we?

     IPEC is not just a successful business, it is Innovation, Performance, Efficiency, Competence.

    Our history begins in 1990, as a small family business and has grown gradually, combining experience with the highest quality standards. 

Our Products

The place where we are producing with so much passion and diligence our products lies in the heart of the country, in the city of Alba Iulia. Our brand was born from the desire of offering to our clients products with a modern design, using only high quality materials.

At first, the company's business consisted in producing small quantities of ornamental and decorative products, which were then available on the market. 1996 brought the first major change in the sales strategy, the company started a business relationship with IKEA Swedish concern , for which began producing increasingly more from year to year. Thus, from a small family business, the company began to turn into a factory geared towards mass production, with modern machinery and sales on the foreign market.

    Working with professionalism and honouring commitments to business partners led to the need for developing new production capacities under constant increase, in demand in the foreign market.

Currently, the company has over 50 mills, two spray dryers for producing atomized powder, 20 isostatic presses, 10 kilns, 30 glazing machines and over 200 industrial robots.​

Our goal?

To create special moments for our customers, to discover joy in our pieces, every time they have dinner with their loved ones. Our investment program is a continuous one and our goal is keeping the company among the top 10 world producers in the field.