Colectia Monaco

Luxury, beauty and special distinct things characterize the Monaco atmosphere. The collection defines one of the most expensive locations in the world and it came to life having in mind the people with refined tastes, always prepared to delight their taste buds with special dishes.


Colectia Bari

Bari...sense it...admire it...breath in its zest for life and authenticity! Just like the Italian cuisine stands out through its flavour simplicity and diversity at the same time, so do our products associated to it invite the diners to judge by the taste. Be it pizza, pasta or cooked fresh fish, the Bari ceramic collection is to be paired only with a well chosen wine.


Colectia Cairo

Golden, sand, ivory and marble...exotic round shapes in warm bright colors resembling the domes of the metropolis mosques: This is the story of Cairo, a transition between past, present and future.


Colectia Atena

Athens, birthplace of art, science and democracy represents an oustanding combination of attention to detail and scenic views, allallowing it to be the perfect retreat for families or groups of friends who want unforgettable moments in a special ambience. The pieces in this collection perfectly complement the landscape perfectly and are fully anchored in the present.


Colectia Haga

If you are looking for the elements of harmony, then our Hague collection is your destination point. The energetic footprint of the distinct colors is reflected in the feelings that you get at looking at them.


Colectia Sydney

The Sydney collection has been inspired by the effervescence of the city with the same name. The special geometry, combining aesthetics and functionality can make any table look stylish. From the greys of the city and the ellegace of the white to the turqoise of the harbour waters and the vigilance of the yellow in building's chromatic, the pieces in this collection display the most important urban aspects.


Colectia Tokyo

The buildings design in the asian capital has created a collection with modern and clean minimalist lines, in a simple and elegant way, which fits perfectly into the urban style. A mix of art, architecture and contemporary design, which offers a unique experience of fine dining.


Colectia London

This dining set has a royal elegance to it, inspired by the cosmopolitan city and its vibrating history. A magical story about ceramics and grandeur, sizes and volume.


Colectia Oslo

Taste the wonderful mixture of well contoured reflective or matte surfaces with natural forms meant to create multiple and complex visual effects, that reach perfection in the art of pottery.